Women in Science Fiction

Women in Science Fiction: Carol Holland March


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Author Bio:

Carol Holland March writes speculative fiction about what peeks from behind the veil. Her stories have appeared in online and print magazines and anthologies.

Her fantasy trilogy, The Dreamwalkers of Larreta, will be published by Ellysian Press in 2016.  For a free book of stories set in the world of the dreamwalkers, visit her website at CarolHollandMarch.com.  Find out if the dreamwalkers of Larreta are coming for you.

Carol teaches creativity and writing for healing at the University of New Mexico. You can also find her at AWriter’sHeart.Com where she blogs about creativity and overcoming creative blocks.


Love and Longing in the Desert

When Tessa gets a frantic call from her ex-husband to help him escape from a military base, she knows the most famous astronaut on Earth is in trouble.

Josh made the first hyperspace jump with an alien copilot and created a result no one foresaw. Now the aliens are leaving Earth. What happened on board that flight, and what choice will Josh make now?

A moving story of love spanning light years.


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