Questions and Answers, Part 1

I don’t reblog too much, but I really think that this was worth it. Of course, I’m just probably being bias as I’m a huge C. Desert Rose fan. 😀

C. Desert Rose, Author

Hello Readers and Followers, Rose here!


A fan asked me a question which I am truly obliged to answer. It was:

“Does any element of the Higher Sources and the concept of heaven and hell in ‘If Death Should Love Me’ correspond with the King James Version of the Bible?”


I actually love this question. Most people don’t know this about me, but I’m infatuated with all things Mythological, as well as Judeo-Christian History, and all of fundamental beliefs therein.

Every religion has their version of God (sometimes plural), heaven and hell.

In the Fate’s Endeavor Series, I mostly played with the Judeo-Christian perspective of God, heaven and hell, yet twisted it up to fit the story.

In the King James Version of the Bible, it says:

1 John 5:7-8: For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are…

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