A Deeper Look at Gabriel, The Archangel

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C. Desert Rose, Author

Today, I, C. Desert Rose, am so happy to present you all with an Interview with Archangel Gabriel from If Death Should Love Me. The host of today’s interview is All Authors Publishing House’s very own Da’Kharta Rising.

This is a one of a kind, and exclusive interview with the villain of my novel, as he refused to speak to anyone else … not even me.

So that you can get a bit better acclimated with who Gabriel is and what his role is in If Death Should Love Me, here is a small excerpt.


Several Hundred Years Prior

Look at him! He looks like a lost puppy. A pet. Why would they choose such a pathetic excuse for a human being? Ridiculousness in the absolute.
He could see as if the light of day shown in this place, even though the darkness seemed to be able…

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