Cover Reveal: Continuous Drips by The Collective

Hello One and All,

Today I’m super psyched to present you with the Cover Reveal of a trio of ladies that I’ve come to appreciate and admire.

Together they are known as The Collective, independently they’re known as:


Queen of Spades



Da’Kharta Rising



And, Synful Desire



So, “What is Continuous Drips all about?” you ask…? Well, here is the blurb:

Title: Continuous Drips

Authors: The Collective (composed of Da’Kharta Rising, Synful Desire, and Queen of Spades)

Genre(s): Short Story Anthology, Multi-Genre Anthology

Word Count: 28,990

Different colors of ink collide in this short story anthology Continuous Drips:

Take a trip into darkness with Da’Kharta Rising with “Unrest”, “Omitted” and “The Kutters”.

Love, loss, and erotic heat hypnotically swirl in the mind of Synful Desire when reading “Derailed Endurance”, “Final Prep to Happiness” and “FAN-tasy Island”.

Episodes of human interaction displacement are given in doses when Queen of Spades presents “Misfortune”, “Afro Shock”, and “Útil.”

In it you’ll find stories like…

Afro Shock, by Queen of Spades


Final Prep to Happiness, by Synful Desire


And, Omitted by Da’Kharta RisingOmittedExcerpt

So, I am so happy to present you with the COVER of CONTINUOUS DRIPS, made by All Authors Graphic Design….




Available for Pre-Order now, and releasing on November 12, 2014.

Order your copy now, at Amazon.com


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